5.1 C-1 Homecoming

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Homecoming Events November, 12 2004 - November 13, 2004

Features a schedule of events and a…

Events from 1983-1991 and include homecoming dances, cocktail parties and annual meetings


Volume 1, number 1 of CNC News

Features a schedule of Homecoming events for 1989.

Features a schedule of events for February 19, 1997 to February 22, 1997.

- Homecoming '92 registration sheet
- Letter to alumni from John W. Campbell, Jr dated…

- Handwritten To-Do List
- 2 copies of the Tailgate Party guests (1 copy has…

2 handwritten notes on yellow legal paper attached to 3 Homecoming surveys, Buffet Menu, Schedule of…

Invitation to Alumni Cocktail Buffet attached to list of address labels

Volume 2, number 1 of CNC News.

Features a schedule of events for Homecoming 1990: Mardi Gras…

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