4.11 Deaths

Items in the 4.11 Deaths Collection

A booklet of the memorial service for Agnes Logan Braganza.

2 copies

Pamphlet for the memorial service of Chung-Wu Chang.

Former English professor.

An e-mail informing the CNU community of Dr. Donald Hicks' death, a Professor Emeritus of…

4.11 Email: Lee Doerries Passes
Dr. Lee Doerries, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, died on March 4, 2011. Obituary included.

A program honoring and remembering a beloved faculty member in CNC's/CNU's biology department. Dr.…

Email from Mark Padilla, CNU Provost regarding the passing of Dr. Barbara Savitzky, a faculty member…

Announcement of memorial service for Dr. Savitzky.

2 copies.

4.11 news of passing of Dr. Masterson
E-mail announcing the death of Dr. Lynn Ann Masterson, a retired CNU faculty member.

4.11 Passing of Dr. Tracey Schwarze
An email announcing the death of Vice Provost Dr. Tracey Schwarze.

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