4.3 C-07 Rosters/Election Results

Items in the 4.3 C-07 Rosters/Election Results Collection

Committees listed: SSPS, Liberal Arts, S&T, and Business

2 copies.

Second Email…

Election results from Liberal Arts and Science & Technology.

2 copies

Elections to: Senate, Academic Status, Honors Council, Undergraduate Admissions, Faculty Review,…

1-Faculty Advisory Committee.
2-Curriculum Committee.
3-Degrees Committee.

1-Academic Hearing Board.
2-Administrative & Professional Peer Review Committee.…

Senators listed: Luter School, SSPS, LA, and S&T.

Senators from SSPS, Humanities, S&T, and Business.

Senators from Liberal Arts, SSPS, Sciences/Tech, and Business.

Results for president, vice president, secretary and executive committee.

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