4.3 C-01 University Handbook Committee

Items in the 4.3 C-01 University Handbook Committee Collection

Changes to sections II, IV, IX, XI, XVI, XVII.

2 copies

1-Review schedule from November 1, 2004 to January 14, 2005. Salient dates included.

Handbook sections up for revision.

2 copies.

1 additional copy of the memo.

E-mail to Rita Hubbard in regards to the language used in Section VII.49 of the University Handbook.

A memorandum from the Faculty Senate Handbook Committee to the Faculty Senate.

Topic includes…

A proposed change to the University Handbook, 1995 edition. Faculty comments are due to Handbook…

A memorandum from Rita Hubbard, Faculty Senate President to Provost Jouett Powell concerning a…

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