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4.3 B Faculty Senate Minutes December 3, 2004
II. Presentations
A. Dr. Anita Tieman - Student Depression & Suicide
B. Dr. Kevin Hughes -…

4.3 B Faculty Senate Minutes, November 5, 2004
I. Approval of 9/24 minutes

II. President's Report:
A. Faculty Development Grants
B. Emeritus…

1-Minutes corrected and approved.
2-Reports by Brenda Blount and President Mollick.

1-Minutes approved.
2-Officer Reports. President Mollick reported on distribution of keys to…

4.3 B Minutes of General Faculty Meeting, April 10, 2001
1-Call to order.
2-Dr. Siochi introduced plan to honor retiring faculty.
3-Recognition of…

4.3 B Minutes of General Faculty Meeting, Nov. 20-25, 2002
1-Call to order.
2-Certification of graduates.
3-New business. Resolution 2003-A approved.…

1-Call to order Senate President Marshall.
2-Certification of graduates.
3-Faculty Resolution…

4.3 B Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting, Feb. 18, 2005
1-Call to order.
2-President's report.
3-Committee reports.
4-Old business.
5-New business.…

4.3 B Minutes of Faculty Senate Working Session to Discuss Faculty Hiring Policies at CNU, Mar. 11, 2005
1-Provost's opening statement.
2-Senator and guest responses.
3-Further discussion.…

4.3 B Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting, Mar. 18, 2005
I-Minutes approved.
II-President's report: handbook changes, retention planning team, and slate of…

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