2.19 N Memos, emails, announcements, etc.

Items in the 2.19 N Memos, emails, announcements, etc. Collection

Brady thanks Susan Barber for boxes, which were used during a move.
Pat McDermott, Evan Davies, and…

The names of College librarians were not included in the College Catalog.
They will be added in…

2-Announcements and comments by Dean Powell.

Handwritten change on the date: 1997?

Wendell Barbour appointed as Chair of the Department of Library Sciences, and his term will last…

Philosophy and Goals of the Committee for the Library of the 21st Century.

2 copies

Article announcing the library name change.

1-See Also References are no longer being made for the card catalog.
2-The Railroad (Rail)…

1-Whitley is in the process of purchasing videotapes for PR office.
2-Whitley called Renee Villeux…

Memo to Bill Brauer and Howard Melton with a list of programs that may overlap with the proposed…

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