2.11 B Memos, Reports, etc.

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- About
- Professional references and previous clients
- Step I: Plan of service for an…

Brief information about where and when to acquire research assistance grants.
Attachments: Program…

A letter from David P. Harner, Ph.D. Vice President Office for Development to Duane DeBlasio,…

To: President Santoro, Provost Summerville, and Vice President Harner
From: Dean…

To: David P. Harner
From: Digby A. Solomon

About their meeting at the media luncheon.…

To: Mr. Wesley L. Pendergrass
From: David P. Harner

Letter discusses funding for goals…

To: Dr. Anthony R. Sanoro
From: Dr. David P. Harner

A representative from Digital…

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