2.5 D Memos, E-mails, Announcements

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Progress on Pomoco Stadium Construction

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W.M. Jordan Construction Company was awarded the contract to build a residence hall.
Traffic will…

Update on closed parking lots due to construction of the Sports Center

Update on closed parking lots and roads due to construction on the Sports and Convocation Center

E-mail to the SGA with a list of acts of vandalism that have occurred on the CNU campus.

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2.5 D Email: Stormwater Runoff - Pollution Prevention
Educating the campus community about the impacts of stormwater discharges and sowing ways pollution…

A photocopy of a Daily Press article reporting that CNU will build a promenade-style approach to the…

2.5 D You're Invited: Dedication of Hoinkes Plaza
An email announcing the dedication of the H. Dieter and Mary Elizabeth Hoinkes Plaza which includes…

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