1.02 Board of Visitors (CNC/CNU)

Items in the 1.02 Board of Visitors (CNC/CNU) Collection

Card from Nick and Mary Matthews of Yorktown, Virginia.
Attached note from President to Mr.…

Handbook for 1978-1979.

List of Administraive Officers, members of the Board of Visitors and term…

1.2 Letter to Harrol Brauer
Proposal and information on establishing an auditing procedure and Audit Committee on the Board of…

1.2 Board of Visitors Roster
List of names and addresses of Board of Visitors members and committee members.

1.2 Board of Visitors, Resolutions, March 18-19, 1977
CN-3: Resignation of Dean of Academic Affairs
CN-4: Appointment of Dean of Academic…

1.2 Honorary Degrees - Criteria and Procedures
Criteria and procedures for honorary degrees.

Number of…

1.2 Memo to Board of Visitors RE - Standing Committees of the Board
Memo to the Board of Visitors that refers to an attached list of members on the Board of Visitors…

1.2 Memo to the Board of Visitors RE - Ceremony of Independence and Meeting of the Board of Visitors, July 1, 1977
Information about a special session of the Board of Visitors.
First official photograph scheduled.…

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