2.1 D-2 Miscellaneous

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From the brochure, "The CNC Transition Project is designed to support black [sic] Virginians in…

Self-addressed brochure with request for further information.
2 copies

Aims and Purposes
Expenses and Financial Aid
Degrees and…

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Christopher Newport College is...
Why C.N.C.?
College Life

Brochure provides information on the enrichment program, which is for high school juniors with…

List of Majors and Programs
List of Sports
Detachable Request for Information
CNU at a Glance

2.1 D-2 The CNU Difference
Admissions brochure providing basic information about CNU.

2.1 D-2 College Planning Guide  - Finding the College that's Right for You (2014)
A brochure providing information on CNU, college search tips, application information, testing…

2.1 D-2 School Counselor Guide
Provides information about CNU geared to high school guidance counselors. Includes a 2014 Freshman…

2.1 D-2 Enjoying a Private College Experience at a Public University Price
A brochure providing information on CNU aimed at new students.

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