4.3 E-1 General Papers

Items in the 4.3 E-1 General Papers Collection

1-Attend General Faculty Meeting to voice opinions.
2-Read attached letters from Santoro and…

Update on the resolutions before the Board of Visitors.

2 copies

Forwarded policy on incomplete grades.

2 copies

Revised General Education Goals need to be added to the general education proposal approved by the…

Plan for implementing 3-4 teaching load

Virginia Purtle resigns from presidency in order to assist in the Provost's office.
Purtle's Email…

A. Thanks for "3-4" teaching load
B. Grade distributions
C. Ws Policy and other items

A list of actions taken by the Faculty Senate, ongoing studies and committees, and other matters…

Draft of a budget proposal for the Faculty Senate, academic operating year, 1988- 1989. Addressed to…

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