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7_1968 July 27 Notification.jpg
Copy of a letter from Davis Y. Paschall, President to Dr. Prince B. Woodard, Director State Council of Higher Education.
RE: Notification of State…

8_1968 September 27-28 BOV min.jpg
Branch Colleges discussion (Christopher Newport College and Richard Bland College) from September 27-28, 1968.

9_1968 September 28 Report.jpg
Report of Escalation of Christopher Newport College to Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
A letter from W. Melville Jones to Gordon W.…

10_1968 November 18 Degree Proposals.jpg
Proposed program for a major in Biology
Information concerning the new program in English
Information concerning the new program in…

11_1969-1971 Programs.jpg
Resolution by the board.
Appears to have been attached to something else.

12_1969 February 5 Memo.jpg
Indicates minutes are attached and there seems to have been an attachment at some point, however, nothing is currently included.

13_1970 January 30-31 Authorization.jpg
Resolution discussing the authorization to assign, sell, and transfer securities

Includes attachments:
1. Certification of Corporate Authorization…

14_1970 March 21 Plan.jpg
1. Compensation of the institution.
2. Salary scale for faculty personnel.
3. Average salary based on the full-time equivalent faculty.

Salary Plan
Bond Issuance
Exam Fees
Graduate Student Tuition
Tax Scholarship
Tartan Floor
Faculty Consultation