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Memo to Professor Donald L. Ball that refers to an enclosed list of the present Board of Visitors and the Standing Committees on the…

1971 November 19-20 Resolution 1.jpg
Establishment of a Committee to explore the scope, duties and responsibilities of a position as Coordinator.
Dr. J.H. Willis, Jr. appointed as…

Revised edition of the resolution regarding the By-Laws of the Faculty.

Resolution CN-1:
Article I: Definition of the Faculty
Article II:…

Salary Plan
Bond Issuance
Exam Fees
Graduate Student Tuition
Tax Scholarship
Tartan Floor
Faculty Consultation

4_1968 June 1 BOV agenda.jpg
Memo from May 28, 1968 to H. Wescott Cunningham from W. Mellville Jones attached to a packet of the partial agenda from the annual meeting of the…

1971 January 8 Approval 1.jpg
CNC will be evaluated by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for accreditation as a four year college.
Seating the in Captain John Smith…

List of names and preferred mailing addresses and home addresses of members of the Board of Visitors.

1974 November 22 Program 1.jpg
1. History
2. Purpose
3. Affiliation
4. Funding and Scholarships
5. The Future
6. Chart of the Department of Athletics including future and…

1974 November 21-22 Projects 1.jpg
A preliminary list of capital outlay projects in order of priority by biennium.

Discussion of the approval of the creation of a new office to implement the new divisional reorganization at Christopher Newport College.
Refers to…