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Report of Activities Week, January 1965.
Discusses each activity and the cost to attend. Discusses recommendations due to the fact that the event was…

Announcements for the week of November 4, 2002
Alpha Phi
Catholic Campus Ministries
Class of 2003, 2004, 2005
Fine Arts Society

E-mail to the CNU community with a copy of an article from The Captain's Log.
The article discusses the resignation of three SGA members due to…

- Forward
- Executive Council
- Student Assembly
- Honor Council
- Classes

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Report about the requirements to receive the Virginia Environmental Excellence Award at E-2 Level.

- Summary
- Application

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General information for Senators.

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List of possible items to work on next semester, arranged in the following categories:
- Dining
- Housing
- Parking
- Computers/IT/Technical

To: Donna Eddleman
Cc: Anna Williams
From: Carol Brady

In regards to the posting and distribution policy and improperly posted…

E-mail to the SGA thanking them for addressing the recent issues with C-Store.

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E-mail to Edward Blunt requesting that a list of issues be discussed at the next SGA meeting.

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