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  • Collection: 2.8 B-3 Budget of CNU

Update on the actions of the Budget Advisory Committee and a request for faculty ideas on how funds should be used for campus projects.

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Provides information on the following: hiring freeze, elimination of overtime pay, traveling freeze, equipment purchase freeze, and suspension of…

The University will take the following actions in anticipation of the state budget reductions:
1-Free hiring for all new and replacement…

Questions that are answered:
1-Why aren't other colleges and universities dealing with budget cuts as we are? I heard that Norfolk State and…

Actions to be taken due to revenue Forecasts from Richmond and the Governor's request to prepare plans to reduce the budget.

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A summary of the University's plans in response to the Governor's announcement of a $2.5 Billion reduction in anticipated revenue for fiscal years…

The Budget Advisory Committee's plans in response to the State budget shortfall.

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Update on the budget shortfall.

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Revenue Adjustments
Funding for Higher Education
Funding for Christopher Newport University
Reconvened Session.

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Budget report includes charts:
- Total Total appropriated University operating budget, 2001-2002
- Total University revenue budget
- Total…