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From the brochure, "The CNC Transition Project is designed to support black [sic] Virginians in their pursuit of higher education."


Self-addressed brochure with request for further information.
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Aims and Purposes
Expenses and Financial Aid
Degrees and Programs

Color photos of Ratcliffe Gymnasium…

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Christopher Newport College is...
Why C.N.C.?
College Life
The Campus
Areas of Study

Brochure provides information on the enrichment program, which is for high school juniors with above-average scores who wish to become part-time,…

List of Majors and Programs
List of Sports
Detachable Request for Information
CNU at a Glance

2.1 D-2 CNUdifference.pdf
Admissions brochure providing basic information about CNU.

2.1 D-2 College Planning Guide 2014.pdf
A brochure providing information on CNU, college search tips, application information, testing dates, etc.

2.1 D-2 Schoolcounselor guide 2014-2015.pdf
Provides information about CNU geared to high school guidance counselors. Includes a 2014 Freshman Profile.

2.1 D-2 Enjoying a Private College Exerience at a Public University Price.pdf
A brochure providing information on CNU aimed at new students.