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2.21 D-6 For Managers 8212009.pdf
An email sent on behalf of the Student Employment Advisory Committee providing information for hiring students to work in on campus positions.

-Hospitality Hot Seat
-Noon Movies
-The Captain's Log
-On Campus publication schedule
-Support Your Local Literary Magazine
-From the Office of…

-Fellowship Notice
-Collegiate Civitan Week
-Bluegrass Festival
-All Club Presidents
-On Campus publication schedule
-AKPsi Book…

Volume 1, No. 19

-MEAL will appear on campus, presenting "Damn Everything But The Circus"
-Contest for a CNC flag, song, and motto

Volume 1, No. 18

-History Club get together
-Christmas Formal pictures ready for pick-up
-Hampton Institute Festival of the Arts

Volume 1, No. 17

-Temporary parking lot is temporarily closed
-Notice from Captain's Log editor re: publication
-Roommate request

Volume 1, No. 15

-Trident pictures
-Food Service Committee meeting
-Pre-register for spring semester
-Game reminders
-Edward Hudson to give…

Volume 1 No. 22
-Charlie Chaplain Festival
-School motto, song, flag search continues
-Sophomore class meeting
-Track Team run
-Auditions "Bell,…

A 2017-2018 calendar given to donors to the Annual Fund.

The National Anthem
Investiture of the Mace
The Convocation Address
Honor Code Induction
Lighting of the Candle of Truth…